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I live in South Lake Tahoe, California with my 2 fantastic boys.   We love to enjoy this beautiful place that we call home.  The lake, hiking, fishing and just general outside time in the summers and fall, than the mountain snow in the winter.

My experience with all things webs started in 2002 when I owned a wine store and wine bar in the Heavenly Village.   I needed a website and I needed to sell some products online.   My brother told me about WordPress and I was hooked.  I started to learn more about websites and getting a website found the web for certain keywords.  The game was very different than you could build a quick site with a EMD (exact match domain) and basically spam a keyword and make money.   Fast forward to 2016 and lots of changes to the web and lots of years of experience.

This experience is what I bring to the table.  I can see the big picture and evaluate what is going on with a company or brand on the web, shed new light to a projects and help clients make the right decisions for their business.

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